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Success stories of Applus RTD. Please also read our Impulse magazine and press releases to have the latest updates. 

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    2017 Highlights for Applus RVIS


    2017 has been a great year. We carried out old & new projects, while we had fun, made new friends, discovered new inspection tools, and evolved our skills and knowledge.

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    An inspiration by the film industry to an award winning inspection tool- the CU24 by Applus+ RVIS.


    The CU24, an innovation by Applus+ RVIS, proved to be an outstanding tool for the inspection of pipe-racks, in Oil & Gas and other industries. And like every star, it has a story behind the scenes that is part of Applus+ RVIS’ story.

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  • Digital radiography art

    Applus RTD dicovers hidden secrets at TEFAF artfair


    The TEFAF art fair in Maastricht is one of the largest and most important art fairs in the world. The fair is very unique because it is preceded by a 'vetting'. This is an inspection of the art that is shown and sold on the fair, by renowned art censors. These censors will asses whether or not the artworks that are exposed on the fair are authentic and in the state that they are offered by the dealer.

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  • Service_Asset_RayScan

    Rayscan – the high quality radiographic pipeline solution

    Applus RTD's Rayscan system enables high quality radiographic solutions to be developed and run safely, delivering inspection cycle times similar to those offered by AUT in both on- and offshore pipelay projects.

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  • Applus RTD Radiation Protection

    E.On MPP3 Project Radiation Safety Program

    Applus+ RTD developed the Project Radiation Safety Programme for E.On for its ultra-modern MPP3 coal-fired power station, which is under construction in Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

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  • Applus RTD Rotoscan

    Bunde-Eitzel Pipeline, Rotoscan testing

    Applus+ RTD tested more than 60km of vital pipeline infrastructure, connecting some of the largest gas and oil storage sites in the world, using its unique Rotoscan technology.

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  • Applus RTD Rope Access

    Working on heights- keeping costs under control

    May 2013 - In the current economic climate, companies in business sectors in which Applus RTD operates are looking more critically at the costs they incur during day-to-day operations in key areas such as maintenance. Dow Terneuzen, in the south west of The Netherlands is one such client, and following a stringent analysis of their maintenance budgets, they came to the conclusion that the costs for scaffolding during NDT&I operations were simply too high. They had to look for ways to reduce expenditure.

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    Inspection project of the Hex Factor at INEOS Hydrocarbons

    In all honesty, much of the work we do in inspection is a bit repetitive. Similar inspections have to be carried out every year or so and similar NDT techniques are used from one year to the next. The oil and gas industry is (rightly) cautious and wary of change. It takes time to approve new systems and methodologies.

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  • Inspection Queensferry Crossing (UK)

    The Queensferry Crossing is being built alongside the existing Forth Road Bridge and will be a spectacular new road bridge in Scotland. Becoming one of the biggest road bridges in the United Kingdom it will develop into a globally unique bridge which forms the centre piece of a major upgrade to the important cross – Forth transport corridor in the east of Scotland.

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Rise of Applus RVIS drones…at NAM in Den Helder

Drones are redefining asset management standards, from asset inspection to security rounds, drones are slowly but increasingly gaining popularity.

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