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Applus+ RTD is a world leader in the creation of new technology, working at the forefront of research and development (R&D) for industry since its inception in 1937.

Our Technological Centre, in Rotterdam, is the focal point of our R&D work; it is where science and technological innovation meet.

We have invented and produced well-known technologies in use across the globe, and are committed to continuing innovation and development like the IWEX 3D Imager, for example.

The challenge of optimising existing techniques and creating new, highly efficient and reliable technologies, to meet the many and varied challenges set by the industry is what drives our team of specialist developers.

The R&D team is continuously involved in intensive projects to develop new solutions to emerging issues, while at the same time improving existing technologies to set new standards.

We work alongside our clients and other specialists on joint industrial projects, while collaborating with universities and other research institutions nationally and internationally. 

The R&D team's three departments – Physics, Hardware/Electronics and Software – conduct an initial analysis of a problem before designing, developing and implementing a concept product and procedure.


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Rise of Applus RVIS drones…at NAM in Den Helder

Drones are redefining asset management standards, from asset inspection to security rounds, drones are slowly but increasingly gaining popularity.

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Success Stories

2017 Highlights for Applus RVIS

2017 has been a great year. We carried out old & new projects, while we had fun, made new friends, discovered new inspection tools, and evolved our skills and knowledge.

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