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Radiation Protection

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Rules and regulations for radiation protection are getting more and more extensive and complex. This demands a bigger responisbility for organizations that work with radiation. Applus RTD Radiation Protection has extensive practical experience, which we use together with our clients and partners to create and execute a solid radiation policy that complies with the Dutch rules and legislation. Safeguarding the safety of men and environment is key, however we'll never lose sight of working efficient and effectively.
Who we are
Applus RTD Radiation Protection has a team of registered radiation protection experts level 2 and 3 and more than 50 years experience with radiation protection in diverse circumstances, industries and companies.
From the comprehensive non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection experience from Applus RTD we have the capability to deploy this experience and specific knowledge about inspection, radiation and radioactivity on every client location.
Our level 2 and 3 experts are qualified to give you advice and support, assess risks, analyse your situation fast and efficiently and suggest an action plan for national and international operations.
Our solution
We offer solutions for clients and organization which, intentionally or unitentionally, face elevated radiation levels or sudden radiation issues. This way, we can find the best solution and action plan for you, however diverse it may be. From our extensive exerience and our comprehensive team with specialty radiation experts we like to view every question as finding the beste solution for every challenge.
In collaboration with our customers we can compose action plans, risk assessments and studies. Furthermore, we give advice on obtaining permits and all activitiessurrounding the usage of radioactive materials.
We work in the following industries:
  • Oil and Gas
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Scrap metals
  • Food processing
  • Marine industry 
  • Government
  • Security
  • Process industry
  • Power
  • Healthcare (hospital, clinic, dentistry)
  • Vets 
Our radiation protection services include:
  • Assessment of your radiation protection management system
  • Hire coordinating or supervising radiation expert
  • Permit application for radioactive sources and x-ray machines
  • Risk analysis and boundry calculations
  • Inspection of radioactive sources and x-ray machines
  •  Radiation measurements for environmenta measurements and risk analysis
  • Advice and coordination on projects involving radioactivity
  • Support & supervision during operations wich involve (natural) radioactive sources (NORM in on- and offshore, geothermal pits)
  • Decommissioning of industrial installations or hospitals
  • Recycling ionizing smoke detectors
  • Process reports for x-ray equipment and radioactive materials that require registration

  • Inspection and processing radioactive scrap metal 
  • Calibration of (radiation)-measurement equipment
  • Sample analysis (gamma-ray spectrometry) in our laboratory
  • Temporary storage facility for radioactive material
  • Support for transportation with radioactivity (class 7 ADR or IMO)
  • Inspection of building materials on radioactivity
  • Radiation protection services for medical organizations and veterinary practices
  • Compose 'KEW' (Nuclear energy legislation) files
We are certified by the Dutch government to perform our activities. Our training and Education department is also licensed to, with our support and expertise, to provide training in radiation protection. 

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