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Applus RTD is the global leader in inspections, non-destructive testing and certification for the chemical industry. We focus on integrity and technical assurance for important chemical instalations in:

  • Fine Chemicals
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Industry
Applus RTD provides technical assurance in both existing and new build facilities across North and South America, including Canada, the US and Brazil, the UK, continental Europe, South East Asia and Australia.


Applus+ embraces contemporary technology through RVIS.

Applus+ RTD and Airfilms Productions approve a joint venture, Applus+ RVIS, ( Remote Visual Inspection Services), specialised in visual inspection using drones and inspection robots.

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Success Stories

rvis, shell award, crane inspection, cu24
An inspiration by the film industry to an award winning inspection tool- the CU24 by Applus+ RVIS.

The CU24, an innovation by Applus+ RVIS, proved to be an outstanding tool for the inspection of pipe-racks, in Oil & Gas and other industries. And like every star, it has a story behind the scenes that is part of Applus+ RVIS’ story.

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