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Applus+ embraces contemporary technology through RVIS.


Applus+ RTD and Airfilms Productions approve a joint venture, Applus+ RVIS, ( Remote Visual Inspection Services), specialised in visual inspection using drones and inspection robots.

Airfilms Productions services the industrial markets with smart solutions using remotely operated aerial and ground vehicles. Airfilms Productions adapted drone-technology in its early stage, succeeded more than 19.000 commercial flights and developed strong cost effective models to improve safety and reducing costs in the high-risk energy and utility industries. 

The joint venture will capitalise on the need for cost efficient work methods in the Oil and Gas industry and is a response to the increasing demand for new inspection methods combined with cost-effective services to complement or offer an alternative to more traditional forms of inspection. 

These services are offered across a range of industries including energy, power and other industrial plants and infrastructure.

Applus+ RVIS develops its own solutions/technology offering innovative aerial inspection and ground, custom built remote visual access inspection techniques. It provides services of aerial photography, 3D mapping and infrared imagery and holds accreditations to operate for different clients in Northern Europe. The joint venture is part of Applus+ Energy & Industry division.   

“This joint venture demonstrates our commitment to offering a wide range of inspection techniques and innovative products that in this challenging market will provide our customers with solutions that reduce their total cost of operation whilst safeguarding the technical integrity of their assets.” said Sytze Voulon, EVP of Applus+ Northern Europe.


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