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New support facilities in Norway


As part of its goal to become the largest inspection company in Norway with by 2017, some 400 employees, Applus RTD is opening up a base in Straume, Bergen in October 2014. Already a global leader in the provision of integrity technology services, this new facility will enhance the company’s capabilities for providing non-destructive testing (NDT) services in the region.
Vital client support
The new base, comprising an office andtest facility, will initially be staffed by 24specialists. Further growth plans will becovered by recruiting local personnel. Serving the local market – both onshoreand offshore – the new Bergen operation offers in-house and on-siteNDT, metallurgic field work plus a rangeof inspection services including rig, paint, derrick and hull inspection.

At the opening of the new operation, theApplus RTD Demo Truck was present andprovided clients with a good opportunity to become more familiar with theexpertise and facilities available.

As Applus RTD’s Norway Manager, Eirik Bjorheim states “It was an obvious stepfor us to create a strategic growth plan for Norway, in order to meet the demandfor our services, and underline our commitment to the Norwegian energy sector. With the new Bergen office wewill now be able to provide on-sitesupport for our existing client base”.

A focus on growth
“The organic growth of the company will continue throughout next year as wealso plan to open up a base in Hammerfest next February, followed byour headquarters in Stavanger nextsummer. The new headquarters will feature a test facility and offshore department designed to support our operations in the Norwegian North Sea”.

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