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Advice and hiring a radiation expert

Companies working with radioactive sources, x-ray machines, or natural radioactive substances, require a certain level of radiation expertise according to the Dutch Nuclear Power Act (Kernenergiewet).This means that somebody related to your company must be mandated to act as a radiation expert of the required level, within your company.
It is possible that, for various reasons, your company does not have an in-house and certified radiation expert. At Applus RTD you can hire a radiation expert. Our employees have the required expertise and experience to act as radiation expert for your company. They all have at least a level 3 qualification for ionising radiation. 

Depending on your situation our external radiation experts can:
  • Ensure you're complying to the conditions and permits, as well as  the relevant laws and regulations for radiation protection
  • Drafting or amending policies and procedures
  • Performing or drafting notifications for the government
  • Maintaining management systems or administration related to Radiation Protection, i.e. the Nuclear Power Act  files 
  • Giving instructions to your employees
  • Authorize employees to perform operations with radioactive sources or machines
  • Perform an acceptationtest whenever a new or modified source or machine is commissioned
  • As often as need be, but at least once a year, ensure accountablility by reporting to the board or upper management.
The coordinating radiation expert will be appointed in writing by the general director, and thereby will recieve the mandate which allows him or her to perform the tasks and responsibilities properly.
 At least once a year, or more often if desired, the coordinating radiation expert will ensure that a radiation inspection will be performed by Applus RTD. Furthermore an inspection visit will be made as often as required but at least once a year.  
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