Calibration dosimetry equipment

Offcourse quality is paramount for your business. This means that the reliability of you measurement equipment is also a high priority. At Applus RTD we can calibrate all your dosimetery equipment. We garantee that you'll have your equipment available as soon as possible.
We take care of the calibration of:
  • Personal dosimeters
  • Dose rate monitors
  • Contamination meters
When calibrating measurement equipment, the deviation of the dosimeter will be determined. This is done by comparing the equipment with a reference or reference instrument which complies with the standards (reference standard). 

The radiation expert will record deviations in a calibration report and based on this calibration we can determine if the equipment still complies with the specifications.
With regard to the accuracy of the response or the dose rate monitor, the assessment will be in accordance with the  IEC-60846 standard as well as the ISO/DIS-4037 standard.
When we recieve your monitor, at first we'll perform a check on possible defects, before the monitor or meter will be calibrated. Afterwards, you'll recieve a calibration report and your equipment will be provided with a label wich will signify clearly that the appliance is calibrated.  
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