Drone Inspection - Aerial Survey

“Your eyes in the skies”

Drones with cameras provide safe visual inspection capabilities for dangerous locations and hard-to-reach assets. Remote visual inspection by drones is relatively inexpensive, fast and effective.

Our Solution 

As one of the early innovators of drone technology, we adapt our drones to fit asset type and inspection goals. We use the latest technology of hardware and software, radio frequency uplink, top end sensors and high precision navigation and positioning systems.  

Our drone pilots are certified, highly experienced and technically skilled. Our inspection engineers provide you with comprehensive reports based on accurate visual and thermal data in a 3D environment. Repeat inspections will contribute to the increase in your facilities’ productivity, quality and safety. 

We offer aerial inspections and surveys with the DU 400 series for a number of purposes including general asset inspection, plot security, post-incident inspection, pre-shutdown monitoring or during unusual flow process events to monitor the integrity of assets. 

We use the DU 400 drone series for the inspection of assets such as:

  • pipes & fitting, 
  • off-shore rigs, 
  • well-heads, 
  • high rise plant installations like distillation towers, chimneys and flare stacks, 
  • buildings and tanks rooftops,  
  • power towers and lines,
  • wind turbines. 


  • Speedy inspections
  • Minimum downtime 
  • Agile service
  • Comprehensive reports in 3D environments
  • Highly experienced pilots                       
Our highly qualified technical team can assess how you benefit from drone inspections. We tailor the optimal inspection solution according to your asset needs and inspection goals. 

Call us for a free assessment: +31 (0)10 7166 175. 

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