Drone Inspection - Tank Inspection

“No more people in the inspection of confined spaces”

Visual inspection with DU 360 provides the best alternative for avoiding people entering tanks and other confined spaces. Not only you limit the risk of human errors in but also you avoid lengthy entry permits to confined spaces while you allow speedy inspections and minimum downtime.  

Our Solution     

We offer remote visual inspection and thermal testing with the DU 360. It is a drone with a 360 angle view and a collision tolerant cage customised for the inspection of tanks and other confined spaces such as: 

  • tanks,
  • vessels,
  • FPSO’s,
  • boilers,
  • tunnels,
  • pits and chambers.
Defects like cracks, erosion, corrosion, bulging, pitting can all be identified with the HD and IR cameras on the drone while inspectors are sitting safely up to 5 km away. 


  • Ultimate safe
  • Inspect otherwise inaccessible spaces.
  • Minimum downtime. 
  • Thermal & HD imagery.
Our highly qualified technical team can assess how you benefit from deploying the DU 360 in your visual inspection program. We tailor the optimal inspection solution according to your asset needs and your inspection goals.   

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