EMAT (Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer)

In markets such as the petrochemical industry, it is common to find many processes being carried out at high temperatures. This means that it is vital that pipelines and pressure vessels must be suited to operate at these elevated temperatures, and as such they require regular inspection to verify their operational safety.


Our Solution
For inspection on extremely high or low temperatures Applus RTD uses EMAT (Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer) which utilizes Utrasonic Waves, without the need for liquid couplant, thus making it a very suitable technique for the inspection of objects under high or extremely low temperatures.

Applications and services include:

  • Flaw detection in steel products
  • Plate lamination defect inspection
  • Bonded structure lamination detection
  • Weld inspection for coil join, tubes and pipes.
  • Austenitic weld inspection for power industry
  • Material characterization
  • Pipeline in-service inspection such as CUPS.
  • Higher temperatures up to 1000 °C (depending on contacttime and active cooling)
  • Wall thickness inspection on components with scaling


EMAT can be applied whilst installations are still operational and when temperatures are very high or very low. This can be achieved because EMAT does not require liquid couplants, where conventional ultrasonic testing methods do.

The EMAT technique is suited for a variety of applications, such as wall thickness temperature measurements and corrosion mapping. Thanks to on-going developments in other computer technologies, potential problems with these sorts of inspections can be readily overcome. EMAT can prodive our clients with reliable results, when conventional UT methodes are not possible..
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