Ferrite measurement

Clients in the (petro)chemical industry increasingly dictate to perform ferrite measurements for stainless steel objects. The level of ferrite can give valuable information about the structure and properties of the material. To give employees which are involved in this process the necessary training, we developed the training course 'ferrite measurements'.
This course will cover the theoretical background of ferrite measurements as well as the practical issues in performing a correct measurement. The students will practice with the equipment on different objects.
Target group
This course is developed for NDT operators, inspectors, QA employees and other interested parties who want to be able to perform measurements independently.
For admission to this Training course the following criteria are applicable:
  • Professional working and cognitive level: MBO (intermediate practical education) level 4
  • Some knowledge of metallurgy is highly recommended (for example through our course material science )
Course program
For this course, knowledge of different stainless steel types and their properties is essential. Therefore, the following subjects will be covered:
  • Main types of stainless steel: ferritic, martensitic, austenitic and duplex
  • Crystalline structure
  • Influence alloy elements
  • Phase diagrams
  • Types of corrosion
  • Post-treatment, pickling, passivation and radiation
  • Schaeffler- DeLong and WRC –diagram
  • Ferrite levels stainless in industrial applications
  • In practice (object treatment, calibration and verification, measurement, frequently made mistakes, reliability and accuracy

  • Reports
  • Practice (comparing measurements)
For more information on this course in Dutch, download the brochure.
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