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Inspection of encapsulated radioactive sources and X-ray machines

The use of encapsulated Radioactive sources and machines (x-ray machines and electron accelerators)is covered by the Nuclear Power Act (kernenergiewet) and the implementing decrees, like the Radiation Protection Decree. For many applications with encapsulated sources and X-ray machines a permit is required. This permit states regulations which require a annual or periodical inspection of the appliance. The annual contamination check (wipe test), for example, must be executed by or under the resposibility of a level 3 radiation expert.
In many companies and institutions there is not enough expertise or measurement equipment available to perform the periodical inspection.
Applus RTD has more than 30 years experience with wipe testing and inspections of encapsulated sources, radiation measurements, and inspection of X-ray machines. Applus RTD's level 3 radiation expert can perform these inspections on your location. For example, together with the wipe test of an encapsulated source the expert also measures the radiation level around the installation and this installation wil be inspected visually. This inspection can also be performed after the installment of new sources.

Next to the annual inspection of the installation, we can assess your radiation related management systems (the Nuclear Power act file with the riskanalysis and the radiation dose calculations) and the radiation protection related organisation of your company, and check if there in accordance with the law.

The inspection results will be reported to you, and we'll advise you on any relevant improvements.
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