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Inspection of radioactive substances in scrap metal

Sometimes radioactive materials are found in loads of scrap at scrap-dealing companies. This could be old pointers with radium paint, doors with slag wool or even old lightning rods with radioactive sources.
Most scrap-dealers have a radiation detector in place, which measures the radiation level of incoming loads of scrap metal.  At an elevated radiation level, the alarm will sound and the load will have to be inspected by a specialized company. 

Whenever a load of scrap metal has an elevated radiation level and the presumption is that there are radioactive materials involved, a notification has to be made at the upholding inspection service.

In the "Guideline detection radioactive contaminated scrap metal" issued by the Dutch  Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment the procedure that needs to be followed is described.
Applus RTD has over 15 years experience with the inspection of these kinds of scrap metal loads. We have the permit to inspect loads of scrap metal with radioactive materials in the Netherlands and to remove the materials that contain these radioactive substances from the scrap. 
In many cases, we can bring back the materials that are found immediately to process them for reclycling, further processing of final storage. When the job is done, the empty container and the warf floor are inspected for possible radioactive contamination. Afterwards, you'll recieve a report in which the activities and the radioactive substances are described.

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