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Ionizing Radiation for dentists 5A/M and dental assistents

The course Ionization Radiation for dentists is specifically developped for dentists who do not have the expertise to act responsible and in accordance with the Dutch Nuclear Power Act (KEW)with regard to x-ray equipment. This course covers base knowledge of radiation protection with regard to the activities with x-ray equipment in the dental practice,as well as the required knowledge about the rules and legislation. After succesfully completing the exams, the student is a qualified radiation expert on level 5/AM.
Course program
  • Radiation in general: material structure, x-rays, interaction with materials, untis;
  • Dangers and protection against radiation; short and long term effects, protection against external radiation, three basic principles, Nuclear Power Act (KEW), Act: Proffessions in the individual healthcare (BIG-wet);
  • Application in the Dental Practice: practical matters, types of equipment, ' KEW' - file, RI&E, demonstrations.
Exam and certification
When the exam is passed, the student will recieve a by the Dutch government reconized certificate.
For more information about this course in Dutch, please download the brochures.
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