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Ionizing Radiation level 5A for NDT supervisors


  • Learn how to work with ionising radiation as a NDT specialist
  • Accredited by the Government in the 'Tijdelijke regeling erkenning opleidingen radioactieve stoffen en toestellen 2013' 
This course is for persons responsible for safety aspects associated with work on encapsulated radiation sources and/or license /notification X-ray machines that have little risk and work as a NDT specialist or inspector. The normal program for Ionising Radiation level 5A is extended with a specific part about working with radiation in NDT.
Date Click here for the trainingschedule in Dutch
Time 09.00h-16.00h
Courseprice € 2.250,- (ex. VAT)
Theory on various locations in  The Netherlands
Practical part at Applus RTD in Rotterdam
Exam at the Heidehal in Nieuwegein


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