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Laserscan LPIT (Laser Pipeline Inspection Tool)

Pipeline external corrosion mapping and assessment system.

Safety and efficiency are a primary concern for pipeline operations all over the world. Implementing a strong integrity assurance program can prevent damage and assist operators target their investments more effectively.

Our Solution
Applus RTD inspections using Laserscan LPIT (Laser Pipeline Inspection Tool) facilitates on-time delivery of projects with improved accuracy of data, increasing the overall efficiency and reliability of a pipeline integrity management program. Functional capabilities include:

  • 180° circumferential coverage per scan
  • Unlimited axial lengths
  • 10" to 48" pipe diameters
  • Scanning speeds of up to 1ft per minute in axial direction
  • Measurement resolution up to 625 readings per square inch
  • Depth measurement variance of +/- 1.5% of the wall thickness
  • Working environment of -4° F to 122° F

Laserscan software capabilities:

  • Built in RSTRENG, B31G and modified B31G modules for quick data assessment in the field
  • Realtime burst pressure, safety factor and rupture ration calculations
  • Interactive 3D digital representation of corrosion
  • Data images stored for digital archiving of corrosion features
  • Capable of producing data sets for FEA

Pipeline External Corrosion Mapping an Assessment System

  • Minimum of 10x faster than manual grid, measurement and assessment
  • Reduced repairs and cut-outs
  • Reduced integrity rehab and pressure reduction schedules
  • ILI verification, correlation and permanent reference pieces for subsequent ILI runs
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