Materials science

Materials science – 3-day Practical Training Course



  • Surface Material: crystal structure, microstructure and types of materials
  • Metals: iron, aluminum, nickel, titanium, and chromium
  • Production Errors: During casting, rolling, forging and extrusion
  • Processing Errors: During machining, mechanical fasteners, welding, gluing, soldering and surface treatments
  • Errors in the use phase: corrosion (what is corrosion; what are the types; what materials are sensitive to which types; how can you prevent corrosion; corrosion around welding, fatigue and creep phenomena


  • Special course for NDT operators, inspectors and quality employees and others who just want to understand or explain why a particular material behavior has occurred in a work situation.
  • Additional knowledge allows specialists to make informed decisions about the severity of defects detected – is further research or repair required, or is replacement needed?

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