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NDT specialist level III

To meet the demands of the industry for NDT-specialists we offer, in collaboration with Hogeschool Utrecht, the training course 'Specialist Non Destructive Testing level 3'. This training course offers the students the oppertunity to prepare themselves in a short time for a recognized ISO-9712 exam in one or more NDT specialties.
 The course material of this training is optimized to meet different standards and regulations. Obtaining a level 3 certificate will qualify a participant to choose the appropriate method for an inspection, and enables the participant to carry out full responsiblity for the examniation.
For admission to this Training course the following criteria are applicable:
  • You are in possession of a ISO-9712 level 2 certificate;
  • You have a Higher Technical education (HTS or equal);
  • Your work experience in the field is in accordance with the standard;
  • Your eyesight is in accordance with the requirements of the standard;
Course program
General section (80 hours in 2 consecutive weeks):
  • NDT basics theory
  • Material testing (pratical)
  • Mettallurgy (consist of materials, proccesses, fracture mechanics and fatigue)
  • Regulations
Specilization; choice between one or more of the following NDT methods:
  • Ultrasonic testing (approximately 72 hours - 9 sessions + exam within 2 weeks)
  • Radiografic testing (approximately 72 hours - 9 sessions + exam within 2 weeks)
  • Penetrant dye testing (approximately 32 hours - 4 sessions + exam within 1 week)
  • Magnetic particle inspection (approximately 32 hours - 4 sessions + exam within 1 week)

The participants must take an exam about the general section, wich comprises of 3 parts: NDT in general, Metallurgy and Regulations. For each specilization follows a sperate exam and after that a examination in writing procedures. Upon succesfull completion you will recieve a post-higher education (HBO) diploma.
For more information about this training in Dutch, download the brochure.
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