PIT (Pipeline Inspection Tool)

In order to establish the integrity of aging pipelines, ultrasonic pigs may be used. In difficult scenarios such as offloading lines and open risers, only single-sided access is available, often without pig launch and receiving traps.


Applus RTD has developed cable-operated ultrasonic pigs.

Our Solution
Applus RTD offers offline solutions for a variety of pipe diameters:

  • Self-propelled PIT crawler: 16"-52"
  • Pump-PIT system: 6"-14"
  • Riser-PIT: 6" and above
  • Auto-PIT: 6" and above

Applus RTD PIT technology has the following operational benefits:

  • Ultrasonic operation enables quantitative results
  • Accurate corrosion and crack detection in "unpiggable pipelines"
  • No liquid flow and liquid handling required for PIT application
  • No offshore support required
  • Dedicated PITMAPPER program delivers real time results
  • The reinforced umbilical cable ensures safe operations
  • No launch traps required
  • No mechanical cleaning
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