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Permit application for radioactive sources and equipment

In the Netherlands the use of radioactive sources, substances and X-ray equipment that emit ionizing radiation (like x-ray machines and electron accelerators), is often only permitted with a Nuclear Power Act (Kernenergiewet)permit. Examples of equipment which is subject to licensing are measurement instruments, like Troxler® measuring intrumets in road construction or density meters in the chemical industry. In addition, encapsulated sources for radiographic testing (Non destructive testing)subject to licensing.
Furthermore, working with radioactive substances often also require a permit. This is also the case for laboratory work, and a permit can also be necessary when working with materials containing natural radioactive substances. 

The application of this type of permit has to be dan at the NEA (Netherlands Enterprise Association, or RVO). In the Radiation Protection Decree, details are requested to prepare an admissible permit application. Next to the data from the applicant and the radioactive source, the licensing authority also requests a risk analysis for the employees and risk calculations for the environment have to be made. 
Applus RTD can help you prepare this permit application. An Applus RTD Radiation expert (level 2 or 3) wil make an appointment with you for a consultation. During this meeting the necessary documents will be collected or drafted and we will talk you through the content of the application.
Furthermore, the Radiation expert will ask you to supply information which will be used as input for the risk analysis and risk calculations.
Subsequently, the Radiation Expert  will prepare the application and calculation at our office and submit them to you. Then you can submit the complete application to the NEA.  

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