Piping Inspection

An Award Winning Tool by Applus RVIS, the CU24 is ultimately safe and evidently cost-effective.

The CU 24 is proven 5X faster than conventional methods for visual inspection of piping (pipe racks and their supporting structures- Off Plot piping). In April 2017 it won the commercial success award at the biggest refinery of Europe.  

Our Solution             

The CU 24 is a telescopic crane that carries cameras and other sensors instead of people. It is controlled remotely, can reach heights of 24m (and lows of -5 m) and operates in challenging environmental conditions. It delivers HD and thermal imagery. 

The CU series is currently the safest, fastest, and most cost-effective tool for visual inspection of  hard-to-reach  infrastructure such as:           

  • piping (pipe racks and supporting structures)
  • bridges,
  • viaducts,
  • rooftops.

With the CU 24 you can now inspect your hard-to-reach assets rapidly, plan your maintenance on time while meeting your safety goals and saving on exhaustive scaffolding costs. 


  • 5x faster than conventional methods*
  • Operates in challenging weather conditions
  • Quick assets scanning
  • HD & thermal imagery
  • Recorded or Real-time video transmission
  • Meets the highest safety goals.

Our highly qualified technical team can assess how you benefit from deploying the CU24 in your inspection program. We tailor the optimal inspection solution according to your asset needs and your inspection goals. 

Call us for a free assessment: +31 (0)10 7166 175.  



* proven for pipe racks and their supporting structures

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