Piping Inspection - congested areas

No more blind spots on congested pipe racks. The PU 12, our new and improved series of telescopic poles, sneaks a camera to inspect complex pipe racks previously inaccessible.
Dangerous leaks and damages can now be discovered in congested pipe racks areas that were previously inaccessible, such as in the case of some on plot piping. The PU 12, our new improved series of telescopic poles can access complex pipe racks up to 12 m. Now you can inspect pipe racks in dark and congested areas and detect structural damages, corrosion and leaks.
Our Solution
  • telescopic pole carries a camera up to 12m,
  • 7X optical zoom,
  • HD sensor 12.4 megapixels,
  • gas detection sensor,
  • powerful led light. 
  • Inspect otherwise inaccessible pipe racks,
  • Inspectors on the ground,
  • 3X faster than rope access,
  • HD and detailed imagery,
  • Gas detection,
  • Reports and annotation tool on a 3D model.
The PU 12 is complimentary to the CU 24 where pipe racks includes congested areas with no road access. Together these tools are ideal for inspecton of piping bridges and supporting structures, both on plot and off plot.
Our highly qualified technical team can assess how you benefit most from visual inspections with PU 12. We tailor optimal inspection solutions according to your assets need and inspection goals.
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