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Prepare notification for radioactive substances and x-ray machines

In the Netherlands, whenever a permit is not required for the use of certain radioactive sources or X-ray machines, most of the time there is an obligation to make a notification of certain amounts of radioactive substances and X-ray machines.
Radioactive substances that are notifiable, are usually materials with radioactive substances occuring in nature. Examples are blasting grit and moulding sand. If you're actually have a notiable amount of substances, is determined by the "Implementation regulation Radiation EA (Economical Affairs".

Possession and usage of these substances has to be notified to the NEA (Netherlands Enterprise Agency, or RVO) of the Ministry of Economical Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.
X-Ray machines with a high voltage upto 100 kilovolt are, according to the Radiation Protection Decree  (article 21), notifiable.Furthermore, according to the Radiation Protection Decree, the notification must be done by the NEA, in the case of commissioning and decomissioning, storing, and taking out of storage from a non licensed machine, refer to articles18, 21 and 22. This must be done by filling out the form " Notification Machines".
Applus RTD work together with you to prepare these kinds of notifications. To do this, a radiation expert level 2 or 3 will make an appointment with you for a consultation. During this meeting, the require documents will be collected or drafted, and we'll talk you through the content of the notification. Furthermore, the radiation expert will inquire with you about details that can be used as input for drafting the riskanalysis for employees and the risk calculations for the environment.

The radiation expert will develop the notification and calculation further at our office and submit these to you. Subsequently, you're able to submit the complete notification to the NEA.
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