Probe manufacturing

Applus RTD has developed, manufactured and deployed customized, bespoke products as part of its international asset integrity service for more than 30 years.

Selection of the correct probe is vital to the delivery of appropriate results in non-destructive testing (NDT) programs. Custom design and manufacturing is often required to ensure probes are fit-for-purpose.

Our solution
Applus RTD is one of the largest NDT and Inspection service providers worldwide – we understand the vital need to ensure asset integrity, and support clients through the provision of specialist probe systems for any environment.

Our probes and probe accessories are carefully designed and manufactured according to strict tolerances and specifications. The Applus RTD probe design team uses modern tools to develop, model and engineer tailor-made ultrasonic probe solutions.

Capable of use for either contact or immersion scanning, our probes can be used at depths up to 300 meters and temperatures up to 300°C. They can be supplied with couplant ducts, and wear-resistant shoes and fittings to comply with any type of scanning requirement.

Applus RTD probes can be configured with specific characteristics for bandwidth, beam spread, focus and sensitivity.

We constantly look for new materials, production methods (CNC), and probe types to improve the performance of ultrasonic transducers and to develop probes for new applications (for example, high temperature probes, TOFD probes and phased array). At the same time, we make sure that you get the same performance from copies of ultrasonic transducers ordered in the past.

Applus RTD's products are well-known internationally, particularly in the nuclear industry, for their quality and high performance. An overview can be provided detailing the ultrasonic probe types, optional features, documentation, accessories and additional products available. We are renowned for our ability to deliver on short timeframes and our flexibility in meeting our clients' requirements.

Our probes can be used for applications including:

  • Manual testing
  • Mechanized testing
  • Immersion testing
  • High temperature testing
  • Deep water testing
  • Multifunction probes for use alongside the Applus+ RTD RotoScan system
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