A new way of UT defect detection and presentation.

Inverse Wave Field Extrapolation (IWEX) is an emerging ultrasonic testing technique that shows great potential in both defect detection and characterization, combined with a simplified presentation of inspection due to an imaging approach. This technique is currently being implemented in the Applus RTD IWEX 3D Imager.

IWEX is a new ultrasonic testing method whose development was initiated by Applus RTD in 2004. The result of this emerging techniques is an actual image of the inspected volume, rather than a plot of the collected signals. The IWEX methodology allows for data visualization in both two and three dimensions. 

The major advantages of IWEX are:

  • Straightforward interpretation that is less dependent on operator skills and calibration blocks
  • Reliable detection and accurate sizing, less dependent on defect orientation than existing UT techniques
  • IWEX image is directly linked to defect properties
  • Improvements have been introduced that allow for imaging of defects in the near surface, in a weld with cap and root or perpendicular to the surface
  • Defects with various orientations are imaged by combining both direct insonification and indirect measurements via the back wall
  • Better and easier means of defect detection and characterization will ultimately lead to less repair and maintenance costs
Interested in RTD IWEX technology? Watch the video below!
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