RTD LoRUS (Long Range Ultrasonics)

Hidden corrosion on difficult to reach places such as walls and bottoms of storage tanks cause serious problems in petro chemical plants. Early detection is often impossible or very expensive as the asset concerned will have to be taken out of service.

Our Solution
Applus RTD has developed the LoRUS method  in order to be able to screen the annular plates using a manipulator, allowing for detection of hidden corrosion while the asset is on-stream. The ultrasonic signals are projected according to the probe directions and indications from the object under examination are color coded and presented in a 2D top view. All four probes are moved automatically across the examination surface by the manipulator. Performance details include:

  • Scanning speed of 100' per day
  • Resolution 0.1 centimeter
  • Temperatures from 32° F to 122° F

The storage tank does not need to be offline or taken out of service. Hidden corrosion can be detected on stream saving time, money and resulting in overall efficiency.

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