RTD Rayscan

Digital real time radiographic inspection of girth welds of pipelines and LNG tanks.

The RTD Rayscan is a digital real time radiographic inspection system. To complete a full inspection the system only needs to scan around the pipe or the tank weld once. The system has a double wall single image (DWSI) and a single wall single image (SWSI) application and it can inspect pipes and tank walls. The DWSI uses a source located on the scanner frame and the SWSI application uses an X-Ray crawler.

RTD Rayscan is very suitable for several applications in new construction:

  • Pipelines: Offshore, spoolbase and onshore
  • DWSI diameter: 2” – 36”
  • SWSI diameter: 24”
  • Austenitic material
  • Carbon steel and CRA pipelines
  • Root & hot pass inspection
  • LNG tanks
The maximum wall thickness and the applicable methodology (DWSI or SWSI) depends on the combination of application, diameter and material. Please contact Applus RTD to assess whether RTD Rayscan is the optimum solution for your situation.


  • RTD Rayscan is very well suited for:
    • Austenitic materials
    • CRA pipelines
    • Root & hot pass
    • Pipe-in-Pipe configurations 
  • Cost efficient, no consumables
  • Quick cycle time with high scan speed, no development time, direct interpretation and feedback
  • Improved quality compared to film
  • Increased safety due to reduced radiation requirements, collimated X-Ray beam and shielded scanner design
  • Environmentally friendly with no chemical waste management required
  • Digital analysis possible to make the most accurate interpretation possible
  • Digital storage of the information and the possibility to share the results easily with other specialists.
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