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RTD Roto Pump PIT (Pipeline Inspection Tool)

A new addition to the suite of tools for inspecting unpiggable pipelines

Traditionally, internal inspection for corrosion and checking for wall thickness in unpiggable pipelines has often been impossible.

Our Solution
To overcome this problem and to offer a solution that is safe, reliable and cost effective, Applus RTD has developed the PIT (Pipeline Inspection Tool). Making the use of advanced ultrasonic technology, the PIT enables accurate pipeline inspection in even the most complex situations in  pipelines that cannot be inspected by using traditional free-swimming intelligent pigs.

The newly developed RotoPumpPIT is a new tool in the extensive suite of tools that Applus RTD operates for the inspection of unpiggable pipelines and risers. When fitted with traction bi-di pigs, this tool can be pumped through pipelines for inspection. The tool can also be fitted with a crawler unit so it can drive by itself through pipelines when pumping is not possible or not desired.

Applus RTD PIT systems have several advantages including:

  • Access is required on one side of the pipeline only
  • Ultrasonic operation enables quantitative results
  • Accurate corrosion detection in "unpiggable pipelines"
  • No liquid flow and liquid handling required for crawler PIT application
  • Dedicated PITMapper® program delivers real time inspection results presentation
  • The reinforced umbilical cable ensures safe operation and safe emergency retrieval
  • No launch traps required
  • Safe, reliable and efficient
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