RTD Rotoscan™

Automated ultrasonic testing of pipeline girth welds

Applus RTD provides pipeline inspection with our proprietary and field-proven mechanized ultrasonic inspection system, RTD Rotoscan. The Rotoscan system has been developed for the inspection of girth welds during construction of long-distance pipelines, both onshore and offshore. Welding imperfections within the weld are associated heat affected zone are detected and measured, determining the circumferential length and the through-thickness dimension. The system can be configured with the use of conventional or Phased Array ultrasonic probes. Rotoscan can be equipped with two different types of scanners in combination with 3 frame options to cover a wide range of pipe diameters starting from 2" up to 56" diameters.

RTD Rotoscan has several operational  benefits including:

  • Can accommodate all weld bevels or welding processes such as SMAW and GMAW
  • Immediate weld quality feedback during inspection and construction to reduce repair rates
  • No radiation hazard or harmful chemical waste
  • Substantial reduction of inspection time
  • Inspection time is independent to pipe wall thick-ness
  • No equipment inside the pipe
  • Capable of inspecting welds at elevated temperatures, up to 203° F
  • Allows the use of Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) based acceptance criteria
  • Acceptance criteria can be adjusted to suit client requirements
  • Efficient when used on long distance pipeline construction
  • Welding and inspection can be carried out at the same location
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