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Radiation advice, coordination and support at complex NDT projects

At large construction and renovation projects, e.g. for powerstations, refineries, on- and offshore intallations or in the maritime industry, Non destructive testing (NDT) is usually a part of the work. These examinations are used for the purpose of quality assurance and material testing. For NDT X-ray machines and radioactive sources are frequently used. Typically these methods are called Radiographic Testing.
Principal clients often use different contractors and subcontractors for complex projects, in which case it can happen that multiple NDT suppliers are performing radiographic examinations on the same site. Furthermore, because of the European opening of the labor market, more often foreign NDT companies  are used. Naturally, this will allow that the change of (radiation)incidents will significally increase.
To safeguard the health and safety of all the employees working on the project site during your project, and to ensure that the contracted (foreign or domestic) companies comply to the Dutch legislation for radiation protection, the radiation protection expert from Applus RTD can provide you wtih advice and support. In collaboration with our client we will prepare a policy for radiation protection applicable to your project.
At the same time, the radiation expert from Applus RTD will function as the contact and mediator between the involved parties on the one hand, and as intermediary for the main contractor/principal on the other.
After consultation, we'll prepare a risk assessment and evaluation, supervise the compliance with the Dutch legislation and perfom safety inspections on the workplace.

If need be, one of our radiation experts kan be contracted by you for the duration of the project for the daily coordination of all the planned NDT activities, and serve as main contact for the involved parties .
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