Radioactivity measurements

Materials, products or residues can contain radioactive substaces. These radioactive substances can be have a natural origin or can be put in the product as a result of human actions.
Materials that contain natural radioactivity can be moulding sand, radioactive deposits from oil- and gas installations or ores. In addition, elevated concentrations of radioactivity can be found in building materials.

Materials and products that can contain artificial radioactive substances can be metals or food products.

To make a ruling about the radioactivity concentrations are above or below the legal limits, a sample will be taken and analysed in the radionuclide laboratory.
Applus RTD has a radionuclide laboratory were these kinds of samples are prepared. Then the samples are analysed in on of the measurement installations. With this equipment we can analyse liquids and solids.

In case of food products we can give you a result within the hour.

Next to the radioactivity analysis we can also perfom a wipe test (for surface contamination) to look for radioactive substances that can emit alfa or beta radiation. These wipe test can be performed in, for example, rooms that have been exposed to radioactive substances.
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