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Recycling and decommissioning x-ray equipment

Many different branches use x-ray machines; for example in the medical, food- of (petro)chemical industry. These x-ray machines contain a source which can emit ionizing radiation. This radiation can be hazardous, so if your x-ray equipment is no longer in use, according to the Dutch 'Radiation Protection Act' they have to be decommissioned safely.
Why is it necessary that x-ray equipment needs to be decommissioned or recycled?
In article 14b of the new Radiation Protection Act, it declares that if the x-ray machine is no longer in use, the owner is required to make notice of it at the authorities as soon as possible. Furthermore, you have the responsibility to decommission or recycle the machine as soon as possible. In this way, the government can assure that you are not in possession of x-ray equipment unnecessarily, or that the x-ray machine gets lost.
Benefits of recycling x-ray equipment at Applus RTD
At Applus RTD Radiation Protection we can collect and recycle x-ray equipment. The machines are no longer unnecessary on your premises. The quicker you decommission your x-ray machine at Applus RTD, the quicker you can relinquish you responsibilities regarding the permit or the Radiation Protection Act.
Applus RTD has a close cooperation with recognized processing companies, which we’ll use to recycle all parts of the x-ray machines. By choosing Applus RTD, you’ll choose to work on helping the environment. Our environmental friendly recycling techniques contribute to a cleaner future, because there’s no unnecessary storage of radioactive waste or materials involved in the process.
Our extensive expertise allows us to advise you on handling x-ray equipment on your premises and during transport. This way, we ensure that the entire decommissioning process is carried out safely, effectively and environmental friendly.
Procedure for the recycling of unused x-ray machines
Applus RTD can arrange the pick-up and transport of the x-ray machine or you can make arrangements yourself. When we receive the x-ray machine we will dismantle the machine and dispose the different materials to recognized recycling partners.
Whenever the x-ray machine is transferred for decommissioning, you will receive a certificate for your administration, which you can use to arrange your deregistration of your permit.
Do you want more information about decommissioning x-ray equipment or sources? Please don't hesitate to contact us with al your radiation safety questions!
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