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Risk analysis for applications involving ionizing radiation

Working with ionizing radiation can pose risks for the involved employees.
The legislation on working with radiation (Radiation Protection Decree) contains a complete article about the necessity of  identifiying the risks of working with sources that emit ionizing radiation (e.g. X-ray machines or encapsulated radioactive sources). By idetifiying the risks an  assessment can be made about the radiation dosage at the regular work and with potential incidents. Based on the risk analysis you can, for example, assess wether the working procedures need to be amended or additional shielding is required. 
Applus RTD will work with you to prepare the risk analysis. We wil carry out the risk analysis according to the  "Guidelines for risk analysis radtiation applications"  of the RIVM, prepare a report and give you advice about possible additional measures.

At the start of the process one of our Radiation Experts will visit your company. During this visit the various activities involving the radioactive sources will be mapped. Based on your input and our specific knowledge, the risks are mapped very accurately.  
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