The corrosion inspection technology SLOFEC™ (Saturation LOw Frequency Eddy Current) has been developed as a new and superior alternative for the inspection of storage tank floors, pipes and vessels.
Our solution
The SLOFEC™ inspection technique uses the magnetic based eddy current principle. By Superimposed DC-magnetization the depth of penetration is increased so that the corrosion attack (metal loss) can be detected from the top surface. The technology is an inspection method for detection of surface and subsurface corrosion in thin and thick walled plates. 
Due to its unique properties, SLOFEC™ can inspect through coatings of up to 10mm thickness, cope with wall-thicknesses of up to 30-35 mm and distinguish top from bottom corrosion. Pitting on the top side does not prevent the detection of corrosion on the bottom side. In addition to being a superior alternative to MFL inspection tools, the system is capable of complete mapping of the tank floor-, pipe- or vessel condition.

SLOFEC™ Pipescan

Pipe scanners are designed for different wall thickness ranges and diameters. The Pipe scanners are used on the exterior of the pipes.
Further applications with adapted scanners are tubular tanks, loading lines, boiler pipes, large cooling/water pipes and pressure vessels. Next to ferromagnetic material, stainless steel can be inspected as well. Field inspections at pipes with temperatures at the wall of 70°C and up have been performed without problems.

  • Fast screening method for local metal loss
  • Inspection of thick wall components (up to 35mm)
  • Inspection through thick coating (up to 10mm)
  • Higher defect detection sensitivity than Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)
  • Distinction between topside and bottom defects
  • No or little object preparation prior to the inspection
  • Colored condition mapping 
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