Tank inspection

Tank inspections are carried out to determine the integrity of storage tanks to safeguard your operations. Lack of integrity can cause serious accidents which can be a risk for people and environment. Our inspection results can be used to determine whether or not repairs or replacement is necessary and, if desired, to determine a risk based inspection interval.

Besides tank inspections for existing tanks in the maintenance phase, we can inspect new construction tanks and provide consultancy for engineering and development. Furthermore we can perform certifications on pressure equipment.

Applus RTD’s services can be called in at any time from vendor inspection to inspection during construction. Projects are coordinated and supervised from A to Z and are carried out according to the necessary code(s).

Applus RTD can inspect the following elements (required according to EEMUA 159): 

  • Tank floor;
  • tank shell;
  • tank roof;
  • pressure-vacuum outlets, outlets, bolts;
  • stairs, platforms, etc.
  • valves;
  • equipment and security
  • grounding and foundation
  • production pipelines. 

Before a test or inspection, a visual assessment can be performed by a certified inspector.

Tank inspection methods

Tank floor

The tank floor will be inspected internally and externally. Next to our standard methods (visual inspection, magnetic crack detection and ultrasonic testing) we can use a variety of advanced techniques which allow us to inspect the tank bottom efficiently and accurate, such as: 

Tank shell

The tank wall will be inspected internally and externally. Determining the state of the coating is key. Next to our standard methods (visual inspection and ultrasonic testing) we can use advanced techniques which allow us to inspect the tank wall efficiently and accurate: 

  • RTD INCOTEST for isolated components
  • Beetle crawler for automated ultrasonic testing 

Tank roof

The tank roof will be inspected visually and with NDT techniques. Depending on the type of roof, ultrasonic wall thickness inspection is required, next to detailed visual inspection. Applus RTD offers intelligent solutions for the inspection of tank roofs to ensure integrity and safeguard your operations, such as digital roof photography.

Check out an overview of our tank inspection services below (click to enlarge or donwload):

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