Valve Testing

Applus RTD is an independant expert on valve testing. In our testing facility, we test valves and process parts on functionality, emission, endurance, leakage and safety. These tests are always in compliance with international standards.
(Control) Valves can't leave anything to chance. Especially regarding safety and the environment. Research shows that leaking valves als responsible for a large number of unwanted emission of (petro-)chemical plants. Contemporary valves should therefore adhere to the highest requirements.
Our solution
Applus RTD's Valve testing department is a versatile service provider. We can help you with testing new build, prototypes and revised valves. Furthermore, testing fittings, fuses, gaskets, etc.,  is also possible at Applus RTD valve testing. We'd like to help you in deciding the most effective testing solution.  
All our inspectors are certified according LT1, LT2 or LT3 (EN-473 and ASNT). Project supervision and  consultancy are therefore among the possibilities.
In our testing facility we have extensive capabilities, so often developmental costs are not necessary. 
Next to developping our own software, Applus RTD has a large number of different testing modules available, which makes it possible to standarise tests. A few examples of the testing facilities we have available:
  •  High pressure bunkers
  •  Test benches (for valves between ½” and 16”)
  •  Industrial freezer
  •  Cryogenic testingmodules
  •  Fire Safe Test unit
  •  Ceramic heating elements
  •  Actuators for endurance testing
To examine how a valve will function under specific circumstances, Applus RTD has the capabillity to provide a broad spectrum of testing conditions:
  •  Testpressures from 1·10-4 mbar upto 1600 bar
  •  Temperatures from -196°C upto 1000°C
  •  Endurance: open and close thousands of times
  •  Fire Safe Testing
  •  Barsttesting on cylinders and vessels
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