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Visual Testing - level II

Visual Testing - Level II: 40 hour training course including examination
This training course is in accredited according the international standards EN 473/ISO 9712/ASNT, covering:
  • Basic principles of vision
  • Optics, reflection, recognizing objects
  • Steps of visual examinations (procedure)
  • Examination on structural and positional deviations
  • Examination of the surface
  • Defect examination
  • Ascertain damage and corrosion
  • Weld examination
  • Examination of cast parts
  • Visual examination on coatings
  • Endoscopy
  • Examinations with tools
  • Reports and qualification standards
  • Candidates that succesfully complete this training are qualified to perform visual inspections.
  • Every standard and procedure dictates that visual inspection is needed before any other inspection or NDT activity is performed.
  • This training will provide theoretical and practical knowledge about visual inspection, and qualifies the candidate for level II visual inspections.
Please find more detailed information in Dutch about the training Visual Testing Level II here.
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