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Working with natural radioactivity

Radioactivity is a phenomenon which is not only caused by human interaction. In the earth's crust some elements, like uranium and thorium, are present that contain natural raioactivity. With many processes which involve natural products retrieved form the earth's crust, naturally occuring radioactive materials (NORM) can accumulate in the process installations.
An example is the oil and gas exploration. In this process radioactive radium and radioactive lead deposits can precipitate in a speration installation. Additionally, in power generation vessels with charcoal radioactive deposits can accumulate. 

Operations in these kinds of installations can pose a risk to the employees and the environment. A level 3 Radiation Expert can map the risks and assess them. Based on a risk analysis certain operations can be supervised by Radiation Experts who can perform radiation measurements on the workplace. The Radiation Expert will clear the materials that need to be discharged.
The Radiation Protection department from Applus RTD features Level 3 qualified Radiation Experts, who have extensive experience with supervision and support for NORM operations. Furthermore, we can prepare a notification to the govenment and request a Nuclear Power act (KEW) permit. 
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