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2017 Highlights for Applus RVIS

We carried out old & new projects, while we had fun, made new friends, discovered new inspection tools, and devolved our skills and knowledge. Here are few highlights of 2017:

1. Applus RVIS first award: we won the commercial success award at Shell in April. When the CU24, one of our exclusive inspection tools won the award, we were both proud and motivated. For us it is was a confirmation that we are capable to come up with solutions that not only make inspections safer but also allow considerable cost savings.

2. Standardisation of Inspection Procedures using indirect vision i.e. cameras : we wrote, standardised and approved procedures of visual inspections using cameras with remote tools or by indirect vision. 

3. Collaboration with Olympus: we established a collaboration with Olympus to offer a new service ‘Endoscopy’ to grow our remote inspection services “menu”.

4. VT2 certifications for all our pilots: our drones pilots obtained VT2 certifications. We are proud of our drones pilots for excelling at their VT2 tests. For Applus RVIS pilots, having VT2 certification is a big plus. We believe that our people ’s skills is our most valued asset.

5. Development of a New remote tool: we developed a new remote inspection tool. It is adapted for inspecting jammed “On Plot” piping but also has potential other inspection applications. First project was a success and our client is very pleased with the new service. Stay tuned for the official service launch soon.

6. “Automated Assets” Project: Together with Shell and Nam, we started “Automated Assets” project in December. The goal of the project is to explore the full potential of inspection drones on a production plot.

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