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Inspection Queensferry Crossing (UK)
Applus RTD Rope Access Central (UK) has landed a major role working on the steel delivery phase on this project. The 1.7 milestructure will be the longest three tower cable stayed bridge in the world and by far the largest to feature cables which cross span. The towers will reach over 200m high, approximately 25%higher than the towers on the ForthRoad Bridge. Constructing such towers demands teamwork with a great deal of grit, persistence and skill from those involved.

Over 28,000 tonnes of steel is being delivered on huge 250 meter long ships signalling the start of a major new phase in the project. The sheer scale of the operation has become very clear with the tower structures and the v-shaped viaduct piers visibly rising from the Forth for all to see.

Our Rope Access team are providing their expertise in a range of industrial services including access solutions, mechanical cutting, grinding, rigging ofthe bridge sections to the heavy lift crane assembly ready for removal from the ship and burning of sea fixings.The first phase shipment docked into Rosyth port on a strict seven daytime scale with no room for delays.
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